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“Miss Kyoko Hashimoto is a most talented pianist with an extensive repertoire. It would need a very long letter, if I would enumerate all her talents, qualities, reliability, seriousness and virtuosity. She is excellent. A wonderful pianist and deep musician” - Sandor Vegh


“I have played many recitals with miss Kyoko Hashimoto. She has an excellent technic, is an extremely sensitive chamber music player, has intuitive sense for style and plays with a conviction” - Ruggiero Ricci


“C’est une personne tres musicienne, excellente pianiste et une chambriste de très grand talent. Nous avons participé ensemble à des concerts où j’ai pu apprécier toutes ses aptitudes musicales et humaines et aussi sa capacité à expérimenter de nouvelles idées sans jamais imposer. Son enseignement tres respectueux de la personne humaine est strict, loyal et s’attache beaucoup au respect des textes qu’elle aime à partager avec ses élèves. C’est avec toute ma conviction que je recommande cette personne qui concerne le devenir de ses étudiants. Elle coopère avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme à l’élaboration des programmes et à tout projet pouvant les concerner” - Maurice Bourgue


“She has been so extremely successful in her public appearances, and her playing is so highly valued by her partners that she is constantly being reengaged. Is there anything that I can write that will be better proof of her outstanding qualities?” - Menahem Pressler


“Miss Hashimoto is a wonderful virtuoso of the piano, and a deep musician as well”

- Franco Gulli


“Miss Hashimoto is not only a very virtuoso and sensitive pianist but also an extremely intelligent musician” - András Adorján


“I find her to be a superb musician, an excellent pianist and a superior human being”

- Josef Gingold


“Kyoko Hashimoto excelled....I was impressed with her playing” - Yehudi Menuhin


“I have come to know Kyoko Hashimoto and regard her as a phenomenal pianist. I view her as one of the greatest pianists of her generation” - Herman Krebbers

© 2019 Pianist Kyoko Hashimoto

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